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An exciting environmental measure.

One of the measures we hope will yield good results is the introduction of an environmental surcharge – an initiative from Desom AS in cooperation with the Dale Oen Experience.

An environmental surcharge on the purchase of plastic is a great initiative that we hope all businesses take part in – although participation is voluntary. We are also happy that the whole surcharge is earmarked for environmental measures.

As a non-profit organisation it is very important for us to be able to act independently. We are therefore pleased that the funds we receive have no strings attached other than to be spent on environmental measures against plastic pollution.

– This initiative provides us with even more options for helping to clean up the local environment; we want to highlight this by showcasing the activities we have carried out with these funds. We hope it will motivate more parties to take action and contribute to environmental efforts for the community.

The Dale Oen Experience is a non-profit organisation that provides new experiences for children and adolescents from all backgrounds to give them a sense of mastery. We do this by going on walks, expeditions, and other activities along long fjords and in the mountains. In nature, you understand who you are and who you want to be, and that sense of mastery makes everything seem possible.

The Dale Oen Experience is led by Robin Dale Oen, and is aimed at children and adolescents between 8 and 18 years. All the trips and activities are funded by the organisation’s partners and through donations from businesses and individuals who share Alexander and Robin’s vision.

With us, you will experience a sense of mastery in exciting surroundings. We will master difficult challenges you never thought you could do. We will enjoy experiences in nature and using our bodies and minds. You will really get to know people and you can be yourself. Completely.

The Dale Oen Experience believes that acquiring a sense of mastery through various activities is key to becoming the person you want to be. We want all children and adolescents to have the same opportunities, and for all children to realise that they can accomplish what they have their mind set on; it doesn’t matter who they are or their background.

#Youexplore by The Dale Oen Experience fortsetter arbeidet med ungdommen innen mestring, friluftsliv, forskning og teknologi. Skoleprosjektene utvides til flere skoler, konferansen utvides til flere byer og ungdommer fra flere land tar del i plastprosjektet med oss. Se film av russiske og norske ungdommer i Øygarden, sammen med ungdoms-mentorer fra Fjell ungdomsskole (laget av Inter Arctic ).

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